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Microsoft Security Essentials

The Free Antivirus with Microsoft warranty

In times when the Internet is an indispensable tool for work or for entertainment, have PC security is an absolute necessity. Based on that, Microsoft has decided to develop a powerful Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus completely free for any kind of threats that can damage your computer.

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AVAST Anti-virus

The most complete and updated free antivirus

Ideal for people who make good use of the computer, the software protects against trojans, worms, spyware and any viruses. In addition, integration with other tools such as Avast! Internet Security provide complete security for safeguarding your data.

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AVG Antivirus

Free antivirus and light on your PC

AVG Antivirus is a program that will give the user a highly effective protection in real time for free. If you download it, you will be protected against all threats from viruses, malware, spyware and other malicious files to your computer constantly lurking.

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Increase disk space

One of the most important advantages is the possibility of Ccleaner to uninstall programs from the same platform. This involves deleting temporary Internet files, operating system and application inefficient.

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The best choice for navigation

Firefox has become the main browser today. His constant updates allow users to access any website as quickly and safely as possible.

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Flash Player

Enjoy everything you want to see without limits

Much of the material found on the Internet is designed in Flash format, so Flash Player is essential when play any SWF file format without inconvenience. Videos, music, animation, games and anything you want game experience.

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Google Chrome

Speed​​, Simplicity, Security

One of the main features of Google Chrome is the speed at which executes the specified actions. Both the onset and page loading, speed is one parameter which indicates that this browser has become one of the most used at present.

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GTA San Andreas

Increase your adrenaline

GTA San Andreas is an action game that will raise your adrenaline, and you will take the role of Carl Johnson and inmiscuirás you in the streets of San Andreas state as a whole gang. The story will take you to all kinds of situations: robberies, racing, street fights, ...

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Link your computer

Hamachi is extremely useful for those who wish to connect two or more computers together. Through the possibilities offered, you can build and manage VPN by linking the IP of the PC and you will in a very simple way.

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Internet Explorer

Improved performance

Internet Explorer browser is the most famous and caters to the needs of its users, so optimize performance on graphics processing functions, video and text through hardware acceleration.

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